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KAT-TUN ~ DYNAMITE: when all I did was make this silly videos haha

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#selfie #nomakeup

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Discovery Island, in its prime.

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Discovery Island (top three) and River Country (bottom three) are two abandoned parks located at Disneyworld in Florida.

Discovery Island featured several animals meant to display diverse wildlife, but was officially closed and abandoned in 1999 due to the popularity of Animal Kingdom. One explorer visited the park recently and snapped several eerie photos, including snakes preserved in bottles, old staff photos, and some baby vultures.

River Country was closed in 2001, though it opened in 1976 and was a very long-running “swimming hole” themed water park, larger and more modern parks opened in its stead and the park was closed down (though, there was a rumor that a strain of dangerous bacteria had infected the water there and it was deemed too costly to fix, so the park was closed for good). 

Discovery Island photos are courtesy of Shane Perez.

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KAT-TUN Album Cover. They r trying something different and me wuv it! (๑>◡

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Popular Text Posts - KAT-TUN Version

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen this poster before…it could almost be so cute

If it didn’t look like Rei was being hit by the car…

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i can’t BELIEVE elsa froze her own sister’s heart to obtain the mangekyō sharingan 

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