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It is indeed a new age! 
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Oct 2012
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new testament

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Contacts n7-n12 with updated sclera. Please re download!

I wasn’t happy with the sclera that I used originally because it didn’t look so well on cool/pink skintones, so I replaced the sclera with brntwaffles’s. They’re much more versatile and natural looking now. :) Credit: Brntwaffles for the sclera.

I recommend downloading from box, because mediafire has a lot of ads. I only have it as a mirror link. 

By the way, I noticed that some people who used my contacts as well as sclub’s eyeball sliders had blurry/bleeding edges despite the fact that the iris in the multiplier has very clean edges… I’m not sure why that is, but if you use Buhudain’s fix of awt’s eyeball sliders (what I use) this will not happen.

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     This fit and flare dress was made for partying! Featuring a plunging front and cut-out back, and a skirt finished with deep pleats for that covetable, full-skirt shape.

                                             Download Here

~ Custom mesh by me(Zodapop)

~ Custom launcher thumbnail

~ 1 recolorable channel

~ 3 premade variations included

    Type: Outfits
    Style: Everyday, Formal
    Age: Young Adult, Adult

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Idek with this hair…

ughhhh I have to take the dog to the vet now.

merp merp merp

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Forgot to post yesterday!

Happy 8 months bara-dawg <3

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"Ruffle Truffle" - Layered Mini-Dress for Females (Teen to Adult)


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